Farewell To Alaska

As we took our boat ride to Seldovia and back, we both enjoyed the scenery and the out-of-nowhere sunny blue sky. But we both were already thinking about the next day. The day where we drove back to Anchorage. The next day was the day before flying home. The end of the vacation was close enough to feel...to think about and plan for.

This post is all about the end of the vacation. One more post. One more batch of photos...the loose ends pulled together, so to speak. I suspect it is about time anyway. I have milked the Alaska trip for three months now. Heh...I need to blog about something other than my trip to Alaska. So, these last photos bid a fond farewell to Alaska.

First off is the ubiquitous combination of light post and gull. In this case the gull is Glaucous-winged, and clearly feels that it owns that light post.

Glaucous-winged Gull

Next up is a fine example of lawn art from the quaint town of Seldovia. Yes, this amazing wood carving was in a gazebo on someone's lawn.

Seldovia Lawn Art

While in Seldovia, we sat down for a quick drink at a coffee house. The sun was out and it was a tad warm, so we sat outside enjoying having no other obligation than getting back on the boat in an hour. And while we enjoyed our drink and the sun, this Common Raven joined us. I think he was expecting a handout.

Common Raven

These red berries were on the side of the road heading back to Anchorage. We had pulled over to enjoy the view of a distant snow-capped mountain, and the berries refused to be ignored.

Red Berries

And here is that view. I have since forgotten the name of the mountain, but it kept distracting me from what I should have been paying attention to: the road. So I pulled over to give the mountain one last look.

Distant Peak

Black Oystercatcher

The boat trip to Seldovia gave me another life bird: Black Oystercatcher. This was a pleasant surprise. I have seen its cousin American Oystercatcher several times back home, but I never really put two and two together to figure out that I might see a Black Oystercatcher while in Alaska. When the boat captain pointed them out on the way to Seldovia, and then took the time to give us a closer look, I fumbled between binoculars and camera...trying to decide whether to be a birdwatcher or a photographer. Luckily I had enough time to be both. I really love their carrot orange bill, and the yellow eye surrounded by the orange eye-ring.

Black Oystercatcher