Views from the valley floor

Here are a collection of photos taken from the floor of Yosemite Valley. All of these shots were taken just a short distance from one of the roads in the valley. Easy views to get.

First up is a shot of El Capitan. Tammy and I ate lunch next to Merced River one day, and this was our view. The next photo after this is with my long lens, zoomed in on climbers on the rock face. They are completely invisible unless you look through something with magnification.

El Capitan

Climbers on El Capitan

This is a sideways view of Yosemite Falls, the water falling away from the rock face as it crosses the brink.

Sideways View of Yosemite Falls

A short trail to a bridge over the Merced River takes you past this meadow. The next shot is from that bridge, looking downstream.

Valley Floor

Merced River

I decided that this last photo looked better as a black and white. Maybe I was inspired by Ansel.

Rock Face