Occoquan Bay NWR

Tree in Fog
Red-throated Loon
Downy Woodpecker

I took today off and created a monster five day weekend (Thanksgiving Day + Friday, Saturday, Sunday and today). There are probably lots of things that I should have spent my time on today, but I instead decided to make a trip out to Occoquan Bay NWR.

The drive was supposed to be a 90 minute drive up Interstate 95, but I managed to make it a 150 minute drive instead when I got creative in an effort to avoid a nasty backup on the Interstate. That extra time was okay because anything near the water was very foggy this morning (Occoquan Bay NWR is situated on the Potomac River...in Google Maps it is shown as Diamond Laboratories).

Here are a few pictures from the day. The second picture is a Red-throated Loon in mid-stretch, likely a female because its throat is not red. The third picture is of a very stuffed-toy looking Downy Woodpecker.

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