DGCA in Winter - Songbirds

After checking out the ducks, I took a short walk down the gravel road behind the visitor center to see what other birds might be lurking about. In total, there were only a few species that I would expect to see in winter that eluded me during the four hours I was there. It was very relaxing to be out there with no agenda and no rush. Just walk slowly and occasionally stop to investigate some sound or movement off in the trees or underbrush.

I again managed to get some pictures. From top to bottom, the pictures are of: Belted Kingfisher (the "belt" is across the breast, so you cannot see it here), Ruby-crowned Kinglet (the ruby color in the crown is usually not something you see...the bird has to "flare" the feathers on top of his head to expose the feathers with the ruby color) and Yellow-rumped Warbler (also known as "Butter-butt").

Belted Kingfisher
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Yellow-rumped Warbler

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