A mile long flock of birds

This morning, as I drove down the on-ramp for I-95 south on my way to work, I noticed a flock of birds on the other side of the interstate. Then I noticed that it was a long flock of birds. Really long.

I think the birds were blackbirds of some variety, but I am not really sure because they were silhouetted. And when I say the flock was "long", I really mean it. The shape of the flock was not a blob, or roundish. Instead it was like a long tube, or river, of birds. In other words, it had height (thirty to fifty birds tall) and depth (about the same as the height) and extreme left-to-right length.

They were flying north. As I exited onto I-95, I was pointed east, but turning to the south. I had a chance to look over my shoulder to the north, and I was amazed that I could not see the beginning the flock. That "river" of birds just kept going as far as I could see. As I got onto I-95 south, I kept looking to my left. That "river" of birds was on the other side of the interstate. I could see it through the trees. I drove half-a-mile south before the "river" bent far enough away from the interstate to where I could no longer see it anymore.

I had never seen anything like that before. That river of birds was at least a mile long! It was amazing.

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