Merritt Island NWR

Today I drove out to Titusville and visited Merritt Island NWR. Specifically, I drove the Black Point Wildlife Drive. This is a one-way gravel road that winds through the reserve. This is the second time I have visited Merritt Island. Tammy and I visited in January 2006. This is a fantastic bird watching destination. I highly recommend it to anyone in the vicinity.

The refuge was quite active today. There were lots of birds to be seen as well as lots of humans driving their cars on the wildlife loop. I guess it is very nice that the refuge is so accessible (as long as you have a car), but it can get a tad annoying always having to make sure your car is out of the way in the event that you want to stop and look at something (and I stop frequently). It seems like there is always someone behind you who wants to go faster, or get by you. But I can deal with that. The bird watching opportunities are just too many to let the other people bother you. Everyone else seemed to have good manners and I think I was always out of the way when I stopped to gawk at some bird.

I took lots of pictures. There were plenty of options to capture some bird in a picture. Since I have not been able to store any of the pictures I have already taken on this trip (they are all still on my memory card), I actually had to search through the pictures I had already taken to find and delete some garbage pictures (those that were obviously out of focus) to make room. At the end of the day, I had a completely full memory card. I think there are somewhere between 400 and 500 pictures on that card. When I get back home, I will have lots of work to do getting all those pictures stored away in their proper place. And once that is done I will post some of the pictures I like the best to this blog.

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