Great Pondhawk

When Tammy and I decided to drive south into the keys, our intention was simply to drive until we decided it was time to turn around. About the furthest south we got was Long Key. Here we stopped at Long Key State Park and walked the "Golden Orb Trail". Since it was getting late in the day, bird activity was next to nothing. I think we only needed one hand to count the birds we noticed. On the other hand, this beautiful dragonfly patiently perched on a twig right next to the trail and graciously allowed me to snap a few photos.

[edit: nannothemis identified this as a Great Pondhawk.]

Green Dragonfly

Green Dragonfly

Green Dragonfly


Nannothemis said...

Nice shot of a Great Pondhawk.

Todd Dixon said...

Thanks for the ID! I think I need to get a field guide for dragonflies and damselflies :-)