Green Treefrog

In my previous post I shared a picture of a dragonfly consuming a moth. The dragonfly was perched in a sapling next to the trail, but was a bit too high for me to get a reasonable picture. So Tammy played the role of "able assistant" by pulling the top of the sapling over until the dragonfly was at eye level for me. After I had taken my share of photos, she allowed the sapling to return to its natural upright position (gently...we did not want to disturb the dragonfly's meal :-).

I was in the process of swapping lenses on my camera when I noticed something odd about the sapling. There was an odd green lump on it, about a foot higher than the dragonfly. I stared for a second before realizing that the odd green lump was actually a Green Treefrog. Then I realized that the frog had been on the sapling the entire time that I was photographing the dragonfly. Either we were too focused on the dragonfly, or the frog was that well hidden.

I could not pass up the chance to take pictures of this frog. So my "able assistant" once again pulled the sapling over from the top so that my subject was at eye level. The frog sat there, waiting it out, while each of us took our photos. Here he is in all his green glory.

Green Treefrog

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HANNIBAL said...

I love this photo...The frog has a grimace-very cute and great color!