My camera played second fiddle to my binoculars during my week at the this year's ABA convention. There were too many new birds for this Virginian, and my bins were much more suited for keeping up with them than my camera. But this was my fourth ABA convention, so I already knew that, by the time the last day got here, I would be tired and it would be difficult to keep focused on the birds.

So, when the last day of the convention got here, and focusing on birds, birds and more birds became more and more challenging, my thoughts switched back to my camera. And, much to my delight, I found myself surrounded by wildflowers. While most of the group still focused on various feathered things, I began to focus on flowery things. I wasn't the only one (if you follow that link and look at Steve's impressive photos, I am the "conventional DSLR guy" in the third from last photo...my back only ached a little after that shot :-).

Here is a collection of eight flowers that I managed to capture with my camera. Click on them to see larger sizes in Flickr. I managed to put names on some of these, but just barely. I really do not know what some of these beauties are.

Sticky Geranium White Flowers

Bug in Yellow Flowers Monument Plant

Paintbrush American Bistort

Yellow Flower Purple Flower Cluster

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Steve Ingraham said...

Hi Todd. I am never more than just over half focused on the birds, which is why I carry the camera with me...you never know what you will see that you will want to take home with you. Great shots. The clarity says something good about the DSLR, even if you do have to contort yourself to get the low shots :) Who knows, maybe we will meet again in the wildflower fields of some other birdy place!