What Do You See?

So...obviously this is a chunk of ice floating in a pond. An iceberg that calved off of Portage Glacier. I really do not have a lot of experience with icebergs, but I think that they might be a little bit like clouds. Sometimes you look at them and you can see certain shapes or scenes.

When I looked at this particular iceberg, I imagined a frozen horse swimming through the water. Only his head is above the water, a bit of frozen breath puffing from his nostrils (or maybe he is sticking his tongue out :-), and a wave of frozen water splashing up behind him. Is it just me? Hint: he is swimming to the left.



Tammy said...

I saw a dragon. But I could see horse too.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photograph of an ice berg. I have never seen one but I think this warming might produce more.

T and S said...

Awesome shot of the ice berg...your images of the Hatcher Pass landscape is stunningly beautiful