Sea Otter

During both of our Alaskan boat trips, we saw several Sea Otters. On the trip out of Homer, however, the light was much better and we got much closer to the otters.

Sea Otter

First things first. Sea Otters are just plain cute. I watched a television show recently that said the animals we think of as cute are the ones whose face has a passing resemblance to human babies. That theory is mildly interesting (and I can give no examples to give it any credence), but when I look at a Sea Otter I only see a resemblance to Ewoks. And Ewoks annoy me. Sea Otters, on the other hand, have yet to annoy me.

Sea Otter

We only saw Sea Otters floating about on their backs. Sometimes they had some food item, but usually they were just floating. Some of them barely even kept an eye on the boat on which we were riding. Maybe the sun was just a bit too bright. Or maybe they were just napping.

Sea Otter


HANNIBAL said...

Adorable for sure!
Ewok annoying? Pretty funny Todd!

Excellent images! What caught my eye was the water color. Terrific!

T and S said...

Beautiful series and the last image is so cute. The previous post on views is awesome as well...Thomas

Jose said...

Very nice pictures! Best wishes from Ireland!