End of the Year

Some free time and a bit of mild weather in December was all the excuse I needed to visit Dutch Gap Conservation Area (DGCA). I am certainly no stranger to DGCA - it is one of my favorite local spots. And while I might occasionally bemoan the repetition of seeing Ring-necked Ducks during the winter, deep down inside I think they are cool looking birds that I really can't resist photographing. Especially when they are at a convenient distance and in good light.

Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck

Even a Canada Goose becomes an interesting photographic subject in good light. This one is clearly demonstrating a balancing-while-napping skill that I will never have.

Canada Goose

I was on my way out of the park when I spied this lovely Turkey Vulture taking advantage of the morning sunshine. Too good to pass up, I got out of my car and took several photos of this pose, while he watched me for any sign that I might be trouble.

Turkey Vulture


Jose said...

Hi Todd!

Nice shots of ring-necked duck! Look in spring for northern rough-winged swallow!

Best wishes from Ireland!


HANNIBAL said...

These shots are fantastic! The Turkey Vulture with it's wings drying is an amazing capture!