White Ibis (juvenile)

One interesting find in Chincoteague NWR, although definitely not an incredible find, was a small group of juvenile White Ibis. This species breeds in the southeast corner of the United States, but not as far north as Virginia. Their winter range still includes extreme southeast United States, but also the Caribbean, both Mexican coasts and a few bits of South America. In other words, range maps for the White Ibis never really show them occurring as far north as Virginia.

But they do. You can usually find them along the coast in late summer and early fall. I think the first year birds wander a bit after they leave their parents, and can end up in places like Chincoteague. These were roosting in a stand of trees by the road to the beach within Chincoteague NWR.

On an unrelated note, I will be changing the service that I use to provide online hosting and backup for all of the pictures I take. My current service (Phanfare) has announced some changes to its service that demonstrates to me that I am not part of their target demographic (photo sharing for friends and family...not photo hosting for someone who does not care who has access to their photos). Six months from now, all the links I have in this blog that point back to a picture hosted by Phanfare will break. Grrrrr! So, in addition to adding new blog content as I collect more photos (I am heading to Miami next...Go Hokies!), I will also be converting all my previous blog content (over 300 posts going back to 2005...sigh) to point to pictures that will eventually be hosted on Flickr.

[edit: it took me a day to figure out that the word "Caribbean" has one r and two b's, instead of the other way around :-) ]

White Ibis (Immature)

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