2008 ABA Convention

My spring has been a lot less about bird watching than I would have liked. Other "real life" things seemed to get in the way of my bird watching intentions over and over again. I did get out several times, but I would have liked to have been out far more than I managed. That will all change come Saturday.

This year I am once again attending the American Birding Association annual convention. This is my fourth year. Last year was in Lafayette, Louisiana. This year will be in Snowbird, Utah (in the Wasatch Mountains just east of Salt Lake City). I fly out this Saturday (day after tomorrow!) and do not return until Monday the 30th. Nearly every day in between will be a day outside for photography or birdwatching or both. I am exceptionally lucky to be able to make these trips each year, and even more lucky in that the trip is essentially dedicated to the two hobbies I enjoy the most.

I usually see gobs of birds on these trips, and take gazoodles of photographs. While my usual blogging pace is one post a week (give or take), my pace while in Utah will be much higher (probably a post a day, sometimes more). When I get back from this trip, the blogging pace will return to normal.

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Anonymous said...

I too will be there with bells on (which might not make it very pleasant to bird near me... oh you know what I mean). Hope to get a chance to meet you there.