Lame Internet Access

The hotel I am staying at during the 2008 ABA Convention has free wifi access, but it is unpredictable. I had no access all day yesterday. The other days have had just enough access for me to be able to upload my photos. But the bandwidth is usually too low for me to be able to look at those photos, find the good ones, process those good photos and maybe write a blog post. There is bandwidth, but it is so small at times that I imagine throwing my computer out of my hotel room window might feel good. The last decent bandwidth that I had was a couple days ago when I added three new posts all in the same day. Now I am happy to be able to write this text only post. I suspect I will not get many more posts up until after I return home.

P.S. I have tried publishing this post ten times so far. None of those attempts have made it all the way to the confirmation page yet. Blogger really does not like very low bandwidth.

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Rich Terrell said...

Having intermittent or unreliable Internet access is far, far worse than having none at all. Because really, who needs the frustration. When it is totally absent you can at least say "Oh, well" and get on with your life.

In theory you can do that with intermittent access as well, except I can't. I feel the irrational need to make it work.

I feel for you man. I hope you are having a really good time in Utah aside from this minor vexation.