And We're Back!

It has been just over two weeks since my last blog post. That is quite a while, even for my tepid blogginess. A perfect storm of sorts came together and resulted in the need for a break from blogging: my recent return from vacation, the corresponding resumption of the normal daily grind at work, and the effort to complete the transition from Phanfare to Flickr. Combine all three of those, simmer them in the summer heat, and voilĂ ! No blogging for two weeks!

Credit this guy for reminding me that while no one else may be complaining, he was within days of breaking into my house to steal my computer...since I was obviously not using it. Or, I could start blogging again. My choice.

Why I didn't use the same tactic against him somewhere between January and July of this year is beyond me. I hear he has a nice computer, no rakes, and an easily distracted attack beagle. Sorry...inside joke.

Let the blogging resume :-)

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Rich Terrell said...

Crisis averted :-)