Way back in December of last year I announced that I was moving all of my photos from Phanfare to Flickr. Getting all of my photographs uploaded to Flickr was fairly easy, since it was very automated (e.g. dump a bunch of photos into an uploader tool, click go, come back in a couple hours, rinse, repeat). The real challenge was this blog. All of the photos in this blog were pulled in from links to Phanfare, so I had to manually update each and every one of those links to point to the same picture in Flickr. Even better, if the photo that appeared in my blog was a cropped image, I had to find the original and re-crop it using tools within Flickr. I "fixed" over 300 blog posts, many with multiple pictures within them, most of them cropped from the original. That long process started in January and, as of today, has finally come to an end.


I will be sending the folks at Phanfare my official departure email either today or tomorrow, which will close my account with them, and, I think, cause them to mail me a DVD of all the photos I had uploaded to them. I should add that I hold no ill will towards Phanfare. They are a fine company. Their focus, however, shifted to a model of photo sharing that was not aligned with what I wanted from a photo hosting web site. That reason, and not poor customer service or inconsistent website uptime, was the reason I moved to Flickr.

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Rich Terrell said...

There was an interesting news bit recently highlighting flickr as one of several public spaces where free speech is limited. That's not to disparage flickr - they have a community to think of, and when using a paid site like this free speech is not actually guaranteed. If you want complete freedom you need to run your own web server. But the article was pretty interesting.