Bald Eagle Clutching Kittiwake

At one point on the Seward boat trip I noticed a Bald Eagle flying by. I whipped the camera into position and snapped a bunch of photos, barely realizing that the Eagle had something clutched in its talons. Later on that night (or maybe even the next week), as I reviewed the photos I had taken, I realized that the "something" in the Eagle's talons was a bird. Or what was left of a bird. Hard to say.

After some staring, and head scratching, I came to the highly speculative conclusion that the victim used to be a juvenile Black-legged Kittiwake. There were certainly enough of those around for the Eagle to choose from. Unfortunately, I did not see how this particular Kittiwake came to be in the possession of the Eagle, so we will all have to use our imagination.

Bald Eagle Clutching Kittiwake


HANNIBAL said...

Another fine photo Todd! That trip seemed to be worth every penny with all the unique photo op's!

T and S said...

Beautiful action shot with sharp details Todd