I Do

As mentioned a couple posts back, this trip to Yosemite was a vacation with a purpose. Tammy and I decided to tie the knot, and we elected to have our ceremony in the park. It was just me, her and the minister. Oh...and the view as well.

We did not have an official photographer. The minister agreed to take a few photos after the ceremony, to capture us in our wedding attire and the view. I still chuckle when I see our functional foot wear.




HANNIBAL said...

Congratulations! Very intimate indeed. What a perfect location, and the minister/photog did an awesome job! Loved the waterfall in the background. I bet you did all the composition work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tod!

What a surprise! Congratulations! And the place couldn´t be better!

I wish you the best!


T and S said...

Congratulations Todd. When you really love outdoors, it shows.

We (me and my wife) celebrate all our important occasions in the outdoors, so I can relate to you...Thomas

Sheel said...

Congratulations! Just stumbled upon your blog through LinkedIn and got a wonderful surprise.