Lawn Mower - Part 3


Last week I convinced Rich to loan me his lawn mower. My mower is on the fritz, and he does not need his because he is building a house surrounded by a moat of dirt.

Hey, maybe he can set it up like in that one movie. The good guys disguised a moat of oil to look like regular ground so that they could trick the bad guys and burn them all crispy. I think that movie was The Beastmaster with Marc Singer. Rich could build a moat like that and then use it as necessary to dispose of annoying people, pets, etc.

Anyway, after mowing my lawn with Rich's mower I realized two things:
1. My lawn mower sucks (even if it were able to start).
2. I have this giant orange flower growing in my yard (see picture).

I think this is a Tiger Lily. I did not plant it. It just grew out of the dirt this spring and now I am taking pictures of it.

This is a bad picture (in my opinion). I still have not figured out how to control the depth of field on my camera. I could get the petals in focus, or I could get those weird "corndog on a stalk" things in focus, but not both at the same time. I suspect Jim is going to ask me if I have looked at the camera course on a CD that he loaned me like two weeks ago because that probably would clue me in. Obviously, I have not yet looked at it.

I bet the fire in Rich's moat would be nearly the same color as this flower!

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