My Nemesis

Stupid Lawnmower

Today I had grand plans. After a leisurely morning of playing WoW, I was going to mow my yard and kill some weeds before settling in to watch the World Cup Final. Yeah, I know. Pretty laid back...maybe even slack. Whatever.

Well, all those plans went south because I could not get my very new lawnmower to start. I bought this thing in the spring so that I could mow my next-to-nothing yard. I have used it like three times. All the same stuff that used to make it start earlier this summer did not work today. Sigh.

Now, my yard is not the best yard. It has grass and other green weed-like things growing in it, and thus needs to be mowed every now and then. But there is also a good dose of dirt. So, the lawnmower gets a good dust bath when I do use it. I understand this is not a good thing.

After it would not start, I decided that the dirt had done it in. I bought a new air filter. I took apart things and wiped dust off of it. I made sure there was enough oil and gas. I cleaned everything that I could get to. And when I put it all back together, it still would not start. Grrr.

My theory is that the fuel line is clogged. That is something that I am pretty sure that I did not get to. It will prime just fine. When I pull the starter cord the engine will rev from the prime, but will not keep running. Oh well. I will have to decide this week whether I continue to tinker with this thing (which is something that I have no real experience with) or call in help. The weeds keep growing.

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