Back From Boat Trip

I am back, and I am very tired. The boat trip was very nice. I saw eleven birds for the first time ever ("lifers") on today's trip. The weather and waves were very cooperative. And most importantly, I did not create my own chum :-)

The trip essentially went to three places in and around the Gulf of Maine. First we went to Great Duck Island. Next we went to Mount Desert Rock. This one was 25 nautical miles south of Bar Harbor, or, put another way, way out in the ocean. The last location we visited was Petit Manan Island.

I took pictures along the entire trip, but I have my doubts on their quality. I have enough problems getting pictures to not be blurry with that 100-400mm lense when I am standing on solid ground. The fact that I was taking pictures with that lense while on a moving boat will probably significantly reduce the number of quality pictures. But, the jury is still out. If I can stay awake, I will post some pictures tonight.

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