Behind By One Day

Tonight I posted a bunch of pictures that I took on Thursday during the boat trip. I set the date of those Thursday pictures so that they show up under Thursday instead of Friday. I found more pictures worth posting than I expected, so it took a lot longer to post them. Now I am behind by a day.

Today I went out west towards Greenville. I took a lot fewer pictures today (it was rainy), but I will not be able to post them until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am on another field trip (dry land). The destination is much closer to Bangor than the previous field trips, so the start time is later. I do not have to get up until 4:30am tomorrow morning :-)

It is nearly 11pm now, so I will be tired tomorrow morning. But, after the boat trip yesterday I grabbed a fast-food dinner (last night was the one night where the convention did not feed you), came back to my room and was asleep by 7:30pm. I slept until 5am this morning, so that caught me up a bit.

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