Today = Long Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I needed to be up at 3am this morning to get ready for today's field trip. From the pictures below, you can tell that I managed to get up and go on that field trip. Since it is nearly 9pm, I have been up for 18 hours. I am a tired puppy.

Today was hot! I am sure it was much warmer back home, but it was toasty up here in the Maine woods. I was worried this morning when everyone was queuing up for the field trips and I was the only person wearing shorts. Lots of folks were going on a boat, so I could see where they would not wear shorts, but my field trip was going inland and the forecast was calling for temperatures in the 80s by noon. So I wore shorts. I had to spray on more bug spray to cover my legs, but I know I was much cooler than everyone else. They all wore long pants with socks pulled up over the bottom of their pants. Even in bird watching circles I manage to do my own thing.

Tomorrow is a workshop day, which means there are no scheduled field trips. I am thinking about skipping the workshops and doing some more exploration on my own. I have not done any research, so I am not quite sure where to go. I do not want to go to the same place that one of my upcoming field trips will take me. I need to read and pick a place. Problem is, I have been up for 18 hours. Oh well. Who cares. It is vacation.

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