Tomorrow is another field trip day. I have to be up at 3am again. I am taking a field trip on a boat tomorrow in order to see Atlantic Puffins. I bought supplies tonight in preparation for that trip.

Wool Hat. To keep my ears warm while the boat cruises along fast enough to create its own wind. I chose the University of Maine hat instead of the NASCAR hat, or the one with flames on it.

Gloves. Got to keep the fingers warm.

Dramamine. I am trying to avoid getting seasick.

Ginger Snaps. These are the "organic" kind, which means they actually are made with ginger. The stuff you get on the cookie aisle usually have zero ginger in them. Ginger is supposed to help with an upset stomach.

Kleenex. Well. If I do end up creating my own chum (see bullets three and four if you follow this link), then I will want kleenex.

I am up way too late. I need to go to bed so that I can get up in the morning.

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