Loggerhead Shrikes

Well, I did not really post any of my remaining Louisiana pictures over the course of this past week. But I am finally getting to that today.

This picture was taken while we were taking a rest-stop at a local gas station. These are Loggerhead Shrikes. I stood on a small plastic stool so that I could take this picture over the top of a chain link fence. I was standing on my tip-toes, on the stool, hand-holding the camera. I am happy that the picture was not even more fuzzy than it is, and that I did not fall while taking the picture.

The bird on the left is a juvenile begging for food. The bird on the right might also be a juvenile (even though he is not begging). There were, I think, five fledged birds scattered about the place, all waiting their turn to be fed by one of the adults.

Loggerhead Shrike

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