Virginia Creeper

The day before Tammy and I left to come home from her parents, we visited the Virginia Creeper Trail for a small day hike. The Virginia Creeper Trail is the result of a "rails to trails" effort where a no longer used railway line was converted into a hiking/biking/horseback riding trail. Including a very small spur out and back on the Appalachian Trail, we ended up hiking just over 6 miles. That is not really very much of the Virginia Creeper Trail, since it is 34 miles long. We essentially covered just under 3 miles of the trail (three miles going out and then the same three miles coming back) just east of Damascus, Virginia.

While walking, we saw lots of people who were riding/coasting towards Damascus on a bike. There are several outfits in Damascus (and other towns on the trail as well, I suspect) that will rent you a bike and then drive you to the high point on the trail so that you can ride back to town, more or less all downhill. That actually sounds like a pretty cool ride.

Here are a few pictures from the walk along the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Leaving Damascus
Virginia Creeper Bridge
Whitetop Laurel Creek

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