Northern Rough-winged Swallow

Another interesting location within Tazewell County is where Maiden Spring Creek flows out of a cave. We did not go into the cave because we were already trespassing on private property, and...well, going into random caves is not something I try to do.

While we were there admiring how the creek flows out of the side of a mountain we noticed that there were swallows flying in and out of the cave. There are such a thing as Cave Swallows, but they tend to live in Mexico, the Caribbean and Texas. I am fairly sure we were seeing Northern Rough-winged Swallows.

A couple years back I used to frequently bird watch DGCA in the spring with a friend named Jose. Jose was from Spain, a good birdwatcher, and had a hard time pronouncing "Prothonotary". If you think I have strayed off topic, then you may be just a little correct...but only just a little. Jose was the person who pointed out to me that the swallows flying around in DGCA were not always just Tree Swallows with the occasional Barn Swallow. One day he pointed up and said "Northern Rough-winged" and all I could say was "huh?". I started paying more attention that day.

I owe Jose an email.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow
Maiden Spring

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Jose said...

Hi Todd!

Yes, you are right, I had a hard time trying to say "prothonotary", ha, ha, ha. Thanks a lot for your good company in DGCA, and also for your expertise with warblers´ songs. My first spring in Dutch Gap (2003) I missed a lot of warblers because I couldn´t distinguish their songs. I still remember when you showed me in spring 2004 the Yellow-throated warbler or the Northern Parula at the top of a tulip tree. Great place the DGCA to watch birds, I enjoyed a lot there!

Best wishes from Ireland!