Transition Day

Yesterday's post with pictures of Scarlet Tanager was my last post from the recent visit to South River Falls Trail. That trip was three weekends ago, so I am a bit behind. Two weekends ago (Mother's Day weekend) I was in Tazewell County Virginia with Tammy, visiting her parents. This past weekend I stayed local and visited DGCA.

Tomorrow I will begin posting a few pictures that I took while in Tazewell County. Even though I was there with Tammy, we did do a small bit of bird watching, and also managed a short hike on the Virginia Creeper Trail. I have a couple of pictures from those activities. And then I will switch to the pictures I got a DGCA.

I have noticed that if I keep up the rate of trips and photography, combined with one post a day on this blog, I will always have something to post and generally always be playing catch up. Hopefully the posts here will not be related to activities that are more than a month old.

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Tammy said...

Interesting. I read the second Tazewell County link. 76% more for the suicide rate than the rest of Virginia. It does not surprise me about the heart disease, considering what we eat while I am home. I had heard that the cancer rate is higher but not by those statistics. Does the statistics follow you out of the area?