Baby Rabbit

Last weekend Tammy was helping me with some yard work. Part of the plan was to remove some English Ivy. This is an invasive species that is currently attempting to overgrow anything in its path on one side of my back yard. We had only removed a few feet of it when we noticed that there was something moving around underneath the ivy. Actually, multiple somethings.

We had only considered a couple possible causes for the movement when the answer came hopping out: rabbits. In this case, there were three baby rabbits, all heading in different directions. We ceased our efforts removing the English Ivy and I instead grabbed my camera.

Seeing baby rabbits was a tad ironic. I commented to Tammy on how only that morning I was wondering why I never saw any baby rabbits around. It is not uncommon to see adult rabbits in my yard, or other yards in the neighborhood. And where there are adult rabbits, it is extremely likely that there are also baby rabbits. Mystery solved.

Baby Rabbit
Baby Rabbit
Baby Rabbit

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