Audubon Sanctuary

Song Sparrow
Barred Owl

First thing this morning, we visited the Portland Audubon Sanctuary to do some birding. The birding was somewhat slow, but we did see a couple of birds that do not occur on the east coast. We also saw, however, some birds that do appear on the east coast. In one case, it took us forever to figure it out, and the other was pretty easy.

First, we have the simple Song Sparrow. I learned today that this species can look pretty different in the northwest compared to what I see back in Virginia. The first picture shows you how much darker this bird is out here (assuming you know what they look like back in Virginia).

The second photo is of a Barred Owl. I have seen this species back in Virginia, but seeing owls is such a treat, that I was quite happy to catch this guy hanging out while squirrels squeaked at him. The picture is a tad dark, but still pretty neat.

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