Time Machine

"Tonight" as I was posting pictures that I took on Tuesday while in and around Newport, I got all confused. My PC still thinks I am on the east coast, so the post I made about sunset on Tuesday showed up in my blog under Thursday because I wrote the post very late Wednesday night west coast time.

I woke up "tomorrow" morning thinking about this and ultimately decided that I wanted my pictures to show up on the day that I actually took the photo. So I turned on the "time machine".

When you post a new entry to your blog, the Blogger system will automatically assign it the current date and time. But the "time machine" feature lets you set the date and time of your post to anything you want. I went back to all of the posts I have entered so far on this trip and changed the date and time so that they would appear in the blog on the day that the picture was taken. None of the posts that were there have disappeared, and other than this one there are no new ones as a result of the "time machine".

So, as of this post, I am a day behind. There are no posts yet for the stuff that we did "today".

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