I am home from Oregon. The trip was a blast and I hope to go back and explore more of that wonderful state.

The travel home was interesting as ever. It was a two leg trip, first from Portland to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Richmond. As usual, Atlanta was very busy and stuff towards the end of the day started to get delayed. Our flight to Richmond was caught in this. We ended up leaving Atlanta about 90 minutes late. And the best part was me noticing our luggage on a cart on the tarmac as the plane pulled away from the gate. Great.

When we did get to Richmond, I was not relishing the thought of having to repurchase my entire toiletry bag (including electric razor). I am flying to Dallas tomorrow for work, and since you have to put toiletry stuff in a checked bag these days, I appeared to be ready for a shopping binge. This story, however, has a happy ending.

The Delta lost luggage lady said our baggage was put on the next plane to Richmond, that was landing as she spoke. We hung around the baggage carousel in Richmond for another hour until our bags did in fact show up. Yeah!

Some odds and ends that I noticed on the trip home:
  • Richmond airport does not charge for wi-fi. Portland airport does not charge for wi-fi. Atlanta airport does charge. Lamers!
  • The Richmond airport is being remodelled. During the week we were in Oregon, the baggage carousels were moved from their temporary home to their new permanent home. It was like a different airport when we returned.
  • One of the new baggage carousels in Richmond broke tonight. This was while about 500 people (several flights came in about the same time) milled around, most very annoyed, wondering why it was taking so long to get their bags.
  • Richmond lets you pay for your parking while in the terminal. You can also pay for your parking when you drive out of the airport. You cannot pay for your parking in the parking garage.
  • When you pay for your parking in the terminal, you have 30 minutes to get out of the airport, or they will charge you more. You had better have your baggage before you pay for parking in the terminal.
  • Paying for your parking in the terminal is harder now because the signs point to pay machines that are not there. This is because of the remodelling, but still highly annoying.

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