Tail of a Whale
Whale Spray

Here are three pictures of whales doing whale things. I was first clued into the fact that whales were present while we were at Cape Meares. I was changing the lens on my camera when I heard Tammy yellnig something. This is not normal behavior for Tammy, so I turned my head in her direction to figure out what was going on. She yelled again: "Whale!!!"

When I got down to where she was standing, sure enough, I saw the spray of water as a whale surfaced. I started looking at the water more closely at that point. Tammy thinks it was a Grey Whale.

I have no idea how well these pictures will turn out. I have cropped them down to just the whale parts, but it is hard for me to tell (at the moment...I do not trust my laptop's display) how fuzzy they are. And my full sized images are still uploading (347 images to upload as I write this...some of which are from Sunday). I think that first image is pretty grainy at the moment, but I am hoping that when the full sized image finally makes it to Phanfare from my laptop that it will look a bit more reasonable.

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