At Home Again

The 2007 ABA Conference is officially over and I have made it back home. I return back to the daily grind tomorrow, and begin the arduous "post vacation catch up" process at work. I did go on a field trip yesterday, and will post a few of the pictures from that trip over on No Ceiling through the rest of this week. I saw a lot of birds yesterday on that field trip. Unfortunately, many of them were from the inside of a passenger van, so there are not large numbers of super crisp pictures.

Speaking of "a lot of birds"...I have done some tallying and I saw 154 different species of bird during the conference last week. Although I have not officially counted the number of lifers within that 154, I suspect the number will approach 20. Very nice.

The past two years, after I returned from the ABA Conference, I was burnt-out on bird watching. Several months would pass before I got the itch to go out looking again. Not this time. This year, I travelled to Louisiana to witness migration in process, but have returned to Virginia during migration. I am already thinking of places to go in the next several weeks to continue watching the birds flying through. Perhaps Shenandoah this Sunday.

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