Green Heron

I am going to make this my last post related to my trip to Orlando. This is, I think, the last decent photo in the bunch. I may get some more photos in locally in the next couple of weeks, but the next big thing for me will be the 2007 ABA Convention in Lafayette Louisiana.

Back to this post. About halfway through the Black Point Wildlife Drive in Merritt Island NWR, I found this Green Heron perched on a drain looking for his lunch. I got a couple pictures of him before I spooked him to a nearby bush. Once in the bush, he still was very photogenic.

If you look at these pictures and wonder "Why is this bird called a 'Green' Heron?", then it would help you to know that there can be a patch of green on his back which you cannot see in these two pictures. In fact, they are sometimes called "Green Backed Heron". You may also see hints of green in his black cap and in his wings.

Green Heron
Green Heron


lujie said...

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LordRaikan said...

Nice pics, what kind of camera do u use?

Todd Dixon said...

I use a Canon 30D. I have found it to be more camera than I can take advantage of (yet). I am still learning. My primary lens is Canon's 100-400mm 1:4.5-5.6 L IS.