A Chukar is a chicken like bird that can be found in the western part of the country, but especially around Nevada and Utah. This species, however, is not native to the Americas. It is actually from Pakistan, and was brought to the United States as a game bird. Eventually, however, enough of the birds survived the hunters to establish a breeding population, making them a legitimate North American species.

This picture was taken on Saturday while Tammy and I hiked a short trail on Antelope Island. On a side note, the free Internet that I am enjoying in West Yellowstone is a tad slow, so the pictures I took yesterday are still getting uploaded to my Phanfare account. I have a whole new batch of pictures that I took today that I have not even started to upload tonight. At this rate, my blog posts will still be including photos from this week when Thanksgiving rolls around.



Kim Vencill said...

Hope you and Tammy are enjoying the scenery. I hope to get a chance to view more of your pictures in November.

Tell my sister hello.

Rich said...

Naturally my immediate question is do Chukars taste like chicken.