Before I switch over to bird photos, I figured I would post one more mammal of the four-legged variety. A few days back I shared a photo of a cow and calf moose running away from our car in Bear Lake NWR, but this is a full grown male moose. He's big, and gots large antlers!

We spotted this creature in Grand Teton National Park. Much the same as Yellowstone, the large number of pulled over cars, and the presence of park rangers to keep the traffic moving and people a safe distance away from the animal, was our indicator that we might want to stop and check things out. There was a nice crowd of folks standing behind the park ranger, many with camera in hand, taking photos of this giant.

Tammy and I gingerly walked into the group, taking care not to get in anyone's photographic line of sight. Then we proceeded to take our own pictures. Mine were of the moose, but Tammy's were of the back of the head of a first class jack-ass. Someone else did not have the same courtesy as Tammy and I, and they planted themselves right in front of Tammy as she took her first picture. And then the moose laid down in the grass, becoming nearly invisible (believe it or not...that huge thing really did become just a discussion once he laid could not see him). Tammy was just a "tad annoyed" until she heard some other woman complain about the same guy. Then she became quite steamed. That guy, of course, was like the moose, and now nowhere to be seen.

So, despite the frustration it may cause Tammy, here is my shot of that big male moose. And if that rude photo-op dude happens to read this, you were lucky to not get a slap in the face. And next time, watch where you are walking!

Big Moose

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Tammy said...

So you read my post about that guy and of course rant and rave that day. I am very happy that you got this photo though I may not have been able to appreciate your good fortune at the time.